Lamifil receives ecology support from Flemish government for new production process

The Flemish government has granted 512 000 euros to Lamifil as strategic ecology support. This will be used for a new and unique ecological production process for aluminium products. The ecology project is part of the company’s comprehensive future strategy, which is supported by a significant package of investments in the short and medium term. Lamifil manufactures cable and wire products in aluminium and copper and their alloys.

 Unique ecological production process for aluminium conductors

Lamifil’s aluminium division produces overhead conductors, intermediate products for underground cables and cables for mechanical applications for the automotive industry, amongst others. Lamifil wants to develop its aluminium division for future growth by increasing its production performance, bringing additional innovative product to the market and by expanding international activities.

The strategic ecology project for the aluminium division involves the switch from separate melting and heating ovens to a combined melting and heating oven that allows alloying as well. Thanks to this innovation, Lamifil can lower its energy consumption, reduce material loss, enhance quality guarantees and flexibility and improve employee ergonomics.

 Sustainability as a strategic policy

Energy efficiency and sustainability are spearheads of Lamifil’s company policy. As part of its future strategy, Lamifil is accelerating the pace to reduce its ecologic footprint. First and foremost, it increases its efforts to manufacture in a sustainable way, for instance by decreasing the usage of gas and electricity with energy-saving measures and significant investments including the renewed aluminium melting ovens.

At the same time, Lamifil has been focusing for quite some time on developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to save energy throughout the entire value chain. This includes, amongst others, ultra efficient and reliable conductors and alloys featuring superior mechanical and electrical characteristics. These innovative solutions allow Lamifil’s customers to save material and costs, drastically increase efficiency and reduce C0emissions and their environmental impact.