Lamifil presents its Lamifil Lab test solutions

Lamifil has always taken its customer’s challenges as a starting point to take innovation one step further. That is why they increasingly turn to our ISO 17025 accredited on-site laboratory to improve products, processes and project efficiency to pursue innovation and lower costs. Lamifil is proud to present its comprehensive lab solutions on a brand-new section of its website:

Testing as a cornerstone for reliability

In order to meet the changing needs and expectations, our customers need to be increasingly adaptive and innovative. Assuring quality, specifications and strict adherence to standards are important challenges for railway or power grid operators, contractors or engineering firms alike. Wire manufacturers, in turn, rely on expert advice, dependable testing services and joint development to help them to improve or develop products and optimize production processes.

Most grid operators and wire manufacturers do not dispose of adequate facilities, in-depth knowledge or practical experience to perform the wide range of required, accredited or often tailored cable, conductor, fitting or wire tests. Outsourcing these tests to a full-service trusted partner is an economical and effective solution that provides peace of mind.

The Lamifil Lab

For many years now, the Lamifil in-house lab has been building its reputation as a reliable accredited and unbiased testing partner for leading companies around the world. It offers mechanical and electrical test solutions for aluminium and copper (alloy) conductors, contact wires, fittings and specialty wires. Thanks to its accreditation, field experience and state of the art testing environment, it provides a flexible, dependable, complete and unique test package.

Comprehensive test offering

First and foremost, our lab offers a complete range of accredited and non-accredited tests for overhead conductors according to standards including EN50182, IEC61089 and IEC61395. Our key accredited test offering includes the breaking load test, stress strain test, sag tension/temperature test and axial impact test.

Additionally, our lab masters a number of fundamental tests to assess the mechanical and electrical properties and performance of copper and copper alloy wires for railway applications. Typical tests requested by our customers are the creep test for contact wires and the mechanical fatigue test for dropper wires.

Finally, our lab offers a range of specialised testing and co-development services for manufacturers using wire rod, drawn and extruded wires, surface-treated wire, bunches and stranded conductors in aluminium, copper or their alloys. These allow them to ensure product quality and to improve or correct products and processes.

Full service one stop shop

Our lab provides additional services including logistics, metallurgical assessments, prototype design & techniques, advice on production processes, participative research & joint development, complete type testing, incident analysis and training. If needed, a cooperation with an external partner can be set up to allow for the most complete package of testing.

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