Connecting the Netherlands with a sustainable future

As a first step in the wider reconductoring initiative dubbed “Beter Benutten Bestaande 380kV net” (Making Better Use of the Existing 380kV grid), transmission system operator TenneT chose Lamifil’s industry-leading ACCC® Conductor to replace its Lelystad-Ens line. This is the first time next-generation HTLS (High Temperature Low Sag) conductors will be used on a 380kV reconductoring project in the Netherlands, allowing TenneT to secure supply for millions of households, well into the future.

Boost capacity of transmission backbone for renewable energy

As the demand for renewable energy grows, so does the need for reliable ways of transporting it. And since the output of wind farms, solar parks and other sustainable sources is less predictable than other sources of production, the Netherlands needed to increase the capacity of its existing high-voltage backbone in order to cope with the inevitable peaks. This is the goal of the initiative “Beter Benutten Bestaande 380kV net”. Lelystad-Ens is the first of five connections that will be upgraded in the next five years.

Since TenneT wanted to avoid the added cost of replacing its existing towers, it was essential to choose a solution that could deliver the required capacity increase without any additional sag whatsoever. Especially since the 20km line between Lelystad and Ens includes a lake crossing. Add to that the extremely short installation window (Q4 2019) and it is easy to see why TenneT chose the proven track record, industry-reference products, value-added services and flexible approach of Lamifil.

First next-generation HTLS reconductoring of 380kV lines

To meet all these requirements within a sustainable solution, Lamifil will supply over 400km of custom-designed ACCC conductoring with an innovative Z-shaped aluminium outer layer, replacing the existing ACSR SEP conductor in triple bundle. However, Lamifil’s role goes far beyond a supplier and includes a broad scope of auxiliary products and services including an extensive test project, comprehensive field survey, a complete package of fittings and accessories and dedicated training and supervision throughout the installation.

A cost-effective and future-proof solution

Lamifil’s solution will nearly double the capacity of TenneT’s existing 380kV line from 2,500A to 4,000A. Since the new lines are capable of withstanding higher temperatures without additional sag, they are capable of transporting increasingly sustainable electricity, without the need for new and higher towers. Moreover, the conductor’s innovative, interlocking Z-shaped outer layer significantly reduces the line’s drag coefficient. Which adds up to a highly cost-effective, sustainable and future-proof solution.