SCE selects Lamifil’s ACCC® Zadar for congested Victor-Hesperia corridor

As part of the Victor-Acqueduct project, Southern California Edison (SCE) upgraded 18km of overhead line in a heavily congested corridor located in the Northeast of the city of Los Angeles. Due to the challenging nature of the location, SCE selected Lamifil’s high-quality and technologically advanced ACCC® Zadar conductor.

Increasing line capacity in a challenging location

As well as being located in a congested corridor where multiple lines intersect, SCE’s upgrade also had to contend with the need for increased line capacity due to rising demand from the growing local population. Another issue was the vulnerability of the local overhead lines due to extreme weather conditions, including higher environmental temperatures which caused the lines to heat up.

A cost-effective solution

While SCE could buildout, the challenging location would have restricted works and significantly increased both the budget and the timeline. Instead, SCE kept all existing structures, increasing the heights of some to overpass certain LADWP alignment crossings, and ordered 54km (180,000ft) of ACCC® 183 mm2 Zadar conductor from Lamifil. This enabled SCE to increase ampacity and capacity and meet sag restrictions without a full new build.

As a preferred SCE partner, Lamifil has over a decade of experience with ACCC® Conductors. Lamifil’s ACCC® Zadar offers superior performance and capacity compared to conventional conductors of the same diameter and weight thanks to its high-strength and lightweight construction and materials.

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