Power and Telecommunications

Major European producers of power distribution cables rely on us to supply wire for processing into ground wire or optical ground wire for telecommunications, or cables for electrical supply. You can rely on Lamifil whether you need conductors suited to low-voltage, medium-voltage or high-voltage power cables. Following your request, we will produce solid and stranded round or sector-shaped conductors.

Solid conductors can be drawn, extruded or treated according to your needs. We offer stranded conductors that are compacted, or fitted with water-blocking tape, or manufactured to meet any other demand you may have.

For high-voltage overhead lines, we produce several alloys, such as high-temperature zirconium alloys. Furthermore, the quality of our AlMgSi wires has made us the preferred supplier for major OPGW manufacturers.

Lamifil - Power and telecommunications Optical ground wire for telecommunications or power cables for electrical supply