• Super-efficient The ACCC ICE+ Soft conductor is the most efficient among all HTLS conductors and run 30°C cooler for the same current. At low operating temperatures, it improves efficiency by up to 25% compared with an ACSR.
  • Low temperature sag Due to its design, ACCC ICE+ Soft shows virtually no high-temperature sag. Line losses can be reduced as it operates at the lowest temperature amongst all HTLS conductors for a given current.
  • Withstands high climatic loads ACCC ICE+ Soft shows excellent sag behaviour under heavy mechanical loads. It can be designed to withstand a 2 inch full-density ice load. Especially when pre-stretched during installation, ACCC ICE+ Soft demonstrates self-damping characteristics that reduce the effects of vibration.
  • Highly customisable Composite core conductors can be designed and optimised for maximum electrical or mechanical loads by choosing the right combination of aluminium and core type. Next to the standard series, custom designs are possible.
  • Convenient ACCC ICE+ Soft conductors use exactly the same fittings as the normal ACCC® conductors. Overall, composite core conductors are easy to install with conventional methods.
Section of the new HTLS conductor ACCC ICE+ SOFT
ACCC ICE+ Soft CASE STUDYLIGHT WEIGHT FOR EFFICIENT HEAVY LIFTINGDiscover in this case why a grid operator has chosen ACCC ICE+ Soft for a grid capacity and efficiency upgrade project presenting environmental constraints and time and budget limitations.DOWNLOAD THE ACCC ICE+ SOFT CASE